What's the difference between 'Entry' and 'Scan'?
The interfaces are almost identical. Entry is best for contributing a single number. If you're scanning a range of numbers, use the 'Scan' utility, as it includes functionality that will aid your scan.
What audio sources are supported?
Currently, only Soundcloud is officially supported. If you are hosting audio on another platform or source, let us know about it so we can add the integration support.
Is there a bulk upload option for scans?
Currently, not publicly. Please cut us a ticket and we can assist you with bulk upload procedures.
I don't see myself on the leaderboard — why not?
You will not appear on the leaderboard until you have made at least one public contribution.
Why does a search for a user's contributions yield more results than is shown on the leaderboard?
The leaderboard only shows public contributions. Search results grant access to all additions you are authorized to access.
Does this site has terms of service?
Yes. Please read them.

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