Terms of Service

This site is operated by the PhreakNet organization, which is a sponsored project of InterLinked.

This site is subject to the terms and policies of its parent network.

Additionally, the following terms apply to this site:

  • PhreakScan does not claim ownership or liability for any of the content provided or made accessible through this forum.
  • PhreakScan is not liable for any content posted on this site or for the results of any actions as a result of information posted on this site. PhreakScan disclaims all liability for any uses or misuse of information found on this site.
  • PhreakScan disclaims all responsibility for accuracy of the data provided by this service and is not liable for any actions that result from the use of provided data.
  • All content posted to this site is the property of the original poster. The "owner" of a find shall be deemed the registered user responsible for creating an entry for a find.
  • PhreakScan gives no consideration to the original discoverer of a find if he did not enter it into the system before another user did. There are no exceptions.
  • Unclaimed content is "owned" by the first registered user claiming them.
  • Content posted in this system that is made public may be freely used by any registered member but shall remained "owned" by the original poster.
  • The deliberate and knowledgable addition of false information into this site subjects a user to an immediate lifetime ban from this site.
  • Conflicts of interest must be disclosed in the description (e.g. poster-controlled telephone numbers or services)

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